Fatigue: Effects and Solutions

The following images are targets I shot back to back after a day working on designs.

Cards shot left to right, top to bottom with the following scores; 97, 96, 94. and 83

As you can see the scores decrease until I hit a low of 83 – well below my average of 94.

So, why did this happen? The answer is simple: Fatigue.

No matter whether you’re a builder, accountant, or programmer, a full day of mental and/or physical exertion takes its toll and can have a significant impact on your shooting.

We don’t want our scores dropping just by having a long day, so what can we do about it?

Well, the key to shooting is to be relaxed; the more relaxed you are the smoother your shooting will be and the less likely it is you’ll snatch a shot through tensing or flinching.

How can we translate this?

The more fatigued you get, the heavier the gun will feel and you’ll notice the barrel beginning to dip.

The simplest way is to breathe, go slow, and get into a good rhythm. You feel the gun getting heavy; come down after each shot. Start tensing or holding your breath; lower the gun without shooting, take a breath, and try again.

Most of the time there’s no time limit to how long it takes you to shoot, so make the most of it, stay comfortable, and keep breathing. These are transferable to prone and pistol shooting, not just LSR.

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